Core Groups

Core Groups are small groups of people who meet during the week, usually at someone's home. Core Groups give you the opportunity to get to know new people, to talk more about the issues raised on Sundays, to ask questions of your own, to support one another through life's ups and downs, to pray, to study the Bible together, to worship together, and to grow together. Core Groups are the heart of Core Church. It's through being part of a Core Group that you really become part of the Core Church family.

Core Groups have three focuses – Inward, Outward and Upward (ourselves, others, God). Each group is free to work out these focuses as God leads them.

If you would like to join a Core Group let us know when you see us on Sunday. We'll let you know what groups are running, where and when. It's up to you which group you join, you're the best person to say where you'll be happiest.


Deeper is the Core Group for young adults (18-20s). We meet on Thursdays at 6:45pm. Each session starts with a meal followed by a deeper study of the Christian faith, from theology and doctrine to comparative religion and apologetics.

Core Youth

Core Youth is the Core Group for young people in school years 6 to 13. We meet on Tuesdays at 6pm. Each session starts with a meal followed by 90 minutes of fun, laughter and discussion as we study the Bible and find out more about living life God's way.

call/text: 07788 446567
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